The 20 Reasons Startups Fail

Build Your Startup Like a Serial Entrepreneur

Designing your business model

Throughout the Fluent 10x National Growth Accelerator, you are going to have access to three kinds of experiences. Each has been purposely designed to best maximize your outcomes.

The Fluent Resource Library is a collection of original, proprietary video trainings that we have developed over the course of working with 10 cohorts of startups. The resources we have created incisively address the tactical skills that you are going to need during this program. We assign you a video to watch if and only if, and only at the exact time it will be useful for YOU.

Our collection of videos allows us to customize this program for you in unique ways so that you are never sitting through a workshop that you do not need, and you always have exactly the right resources at the right time.

Additionally, you will have weekly FLEX Coaching Sessions with Fluent. In these sessions, we are going to dig deep into helping you combine the things that you are learning from the Resource Library with the things that you are learning from your customers, in order to set up tiny, fast experiments that you can use to design and hone a really great business model.

Third, we also host weekly Mastermind Sessions with a small batch of founders that are in a similar stage of growth as you. There are two formats for Masterminds, and they alternate. Every other week, these sessions allow you to share what you are learning from your FLEX experiments with your peers, get their ideas and feedback, and also support their growth. On alternating weeks, we run a structured roundtable workshop in the Mastermind Session where we create space for founders to voice their sticking points, offer constructive suggestions to each other, and plan and be accountable for paths forward.

We have found that founders love the Mastermind Sessions! It is actually their favorite part of any of the programs we have ever run, because this is where you really get to access and riff off of the creativity and smart thinking of other people who are facing similar challenges.