Status Update:

Ben set up his first FLEX to focus on a Validate stage risk. Right now he's got a lot of underlying assumptions about the problem his customer is feeling, and he's synthesized these as "customers are too distracted in traditional gym environments." We're working with him to break that down a bit more and have designed our first experiment to focus in and test just one specific type of distraction for one specific type of customer. He'll be interviewing 5-10 of his current customers, listening for them to articulate the problem they're facing in their own words.

He expressed a bit of hesitancy with the process (ie, if it's not broke, don't fix it; "not wanting to be wrong"), but by the end of the call he seemed confident on next steps with a readily accessible target group and an initial sense of his approach. At this point he'll benefit from learning more about interviewing customers (videos shared), and perhaps a bit of encouragement with regards to getting comfortable with these tiny, fast experiments.