Status Update:

FLEX Action Item Update: Mark completed 6 interviews, 4 of which he got from referrals and two of which he'd never spoken with before. Mark was only able to watch 1 of the 3 videos and had not yet recorded the results of the interviews in his FLEX planner before we met with him.

Mark did take extensive handwritten notes, some of which he described into a google document. Based on these notes and our conversation we were able to confirm that Mark reached his target early adopters who each expressed the problem of having difficulty maintaining their routine with their exercise equipment. Mark learned that a consistent theme in losing touch with their routine/equipment was boredom. As such, Mark was given 2 choices: 1) run the Validate FLEX again to get more early adopters to confirm the new problem statement (fit people lose touch with their routine due to boredom); or 2) run a Test FLEX to test whether or not his product could be a solution to the new problem statement. Mark chose #2 and is designing his FLEX to test whether or not he can get the early adopters to express interest in his product as a way to solve their stated problem.

As Mark had to use some of the meeting time to complete the "results" section of his previous flex, we were unable to help him fully complete & submit his Test Flex but were able to ensure he knew what needed to be done and how to do it.