Status Update:

After discussing various paths forward with AK, we eventually decided to run a test experiment, testing his assumption that verified retailers (those already selling CBD in high volumes) are looking for a more high-touch relationship with their supplier. We discussed various implications of this customer/problem pairing and he's already strategizing ways to test the assumption over the coming week(s).

AK and team have their hands pretty well-full and it's been a bit of a struggle for them to fit this work into their busy schedules (ie, with multiple reschedules, last minute submissions). We discussed how it was imperative to keep this meeting time, really focus in on going after this particular customer type in order to move forward with confidence, and to be diligent about recording and submitting their results without rushing it. I believe we're on the same page about this, but it might be useful for their S2V mentors to have an accountability check mid-week to see how it's going and ensure they're on track.