Status Update:

AK has been actively working on the test stage. He's made a lot of improvement in how he approaches potential customers (ie, from a problem-finding perspective vs. a solution-presenting perspective), incorporating customer discovery best practices into every interaction. While we set up a solid plan last week, he found himself deviating from it, reaching out to a wide range of customer types rather than just the one we set up the experiment for. Unfortunately this yielded noisy data which has made it challenging to parse out learnings with a high degree of confidence. We had a great conversation about the benefits of a more precise, scientific approach, as well as brainstorming creative solutions to reach early adopters. To that end, this week he'll be running another test experiment, but with a different customer and problem hypothesis — namely, tobacco shops that don't have a consistent supply of delta-8. This is the customer group he's seen the greatest traction with and believes that solving for their problem will be the most scalable.

In terms of support from S2V, I think most beneficial would just be a mid-week accountability check, ensuring that they're maintaining laser focus on this particular customer group. With so many potential opportunities, it's easy for them to chase those and get distracted, so some encouragement and support to stay the course with this experiment might be helpful to them.