Status Update:

Sean's last flex was a test to see if 4/5 companies who previously expressed interest would buy at least 1 of his services. 4/5 did purchase with the 5th likely to purchase pending finance review! Sean sold his phishing service at approximate $8/email/employee (chosen at random based on a range provided by his accountant) and his Red Team services at fixed rates of $2,500 & $3,500 (loose cost-based pricing approach). Sean watched the pricing video from last week but didn't feel like anything really resonated yet. He said he'll watch again and continue to monitor his costs as these jobs unfold. We spoke about a few different pricing models and how his different services might require different pricing models (market for phishing vs. cost for red team) and how bundling might be a good pricing option in the future. We also discussed the importance of continuing a controlled growth strategy and to resist the desire to go out and sell more in order to continue to develop a solid strategy based on his great foundational (validation and test) work.

Beth joined us to talk to Sean about the next step which is Go To Market Strategy. I assigned the GTM strat videos for Sean to watch and Beth walked him through a discussion about 3 year goals. Sean will review the videos and complete the GTM canvas for discussion next week.

Overall we are very pleased with Sean's progress! Sean has really taken to the logic-driven approach of the FLEX program and the results speak for themselves (sold $60k worth of contracts in one week!).