Status Update:

Brock and Caroline are still actively working on validating the problem, hypothesizing that coffee shop owners are their early adopters. Unfortunately they were only able to get meetings with 2 out of 3 owners (the third is scheduled for tomorrow). Of the 2 they spoke with, only 1 expressed a problem they might be able to solve for. As such, we're rerunning the last experiment, with their objective to speak with an additional three coffee shop owners.

We discussed various reasons they may be struggling to get these meetings and the implications of each. I reiterated how imperative it was that they move quickly so they can identify their early adopter ASAP and move on to the Test phase. Unfortunately it sounds like this is Caroline's last week with the project as her MBA program intensifies. As far as support S2V can offer, it might be helpful to check-in with them and ensure they have a solid plan for completing this work as their team shifts. Any additional recommendations or introductions for arranging these meetings with coffee shop owners might also be useful at this point.