Status Update:

John walked us through their GTM strategy again this week which they've been working on fleshing out and have made a lot of good progress on. Unfortunately they haven't had an opportunity to review it with their mentors yet but hope to do so soon. For this coming week, they'll be focusing on one of the elements in their product roadmap for Milestone One: optimization of their user experience and sales funnel. They'll be reviewing the Customer Machine materials and working towards refining the "Aha" moment in order for their would-be customers to see the value they're offering from their website without needing a gym walk-through. They've proposed to focus on the low-hanging fruit of enhancing the visual appeal of the site with improved fonts and imagery, and have laid out a plan for how they'll approach that work over the coming week.

As far as support from S2V: talking through their GTM worksheet with a mentor will help refine it even further, and speaking with others who have experience in UI/UX design who might be able to give some pointers in enhancing the visual appeal of their site.