Status Update:

Matthew has his FLEX setup for this upcoming week to further test the validation stage of his company. Prior to our meeting, he was able to meet with two different operation managers, who’ve both agreed to set up a meeting with the owner of the brewery, as a result; our strategy for getting him in front of owners seems to be effective.

Matthew expressed that his main worry is that his solution doesn’t address the primary issue faced by the breweries. Luckily, conducting these interviews with the owners will enable him to determine whether or not this is true. Often times, there are two different issues, either the solution doesn’t solve the real problem or the founder isn’t accurately communicating the solution. I’ve told Matthew to note the exact answers that the owners give so we can work through the issue together.

An additional finding is that his ideal customers have the following traits: engaged in distribution, have proper licensing, and have the ability to sell directly to consumers. This upcoming week he’ll speak with 3 operations managers at breweries that possess these characteristics.

He's got a great plan and doesn't appear to need specific help with this FLEX.