Status Update:

Mark was able to refocus and create facebook posts to try to get responses so he could complete his Test FLEX ("When I show a beginner guide workout to a group of 6 people who have come to a parkour meetup, 3 of them will show strong interest as indicated by either a purchase or follow up questions and expressed interest."). Unfortunately, his response rate was very low (2) and he wasn't able to talk to the those who responded before the meeting. We spoke about adjusting the message to gain more responses (adjust the "looking for" to match the profile in the flex [super fitness minded people], offer a free training program to "one lucky participant", include a calendly link in the post to set up time) and also discussed the possibility that we're barking up the wrong tree. As a result I assigned him the "SCALE" video which helps identify and prioritize potential customer segments. For the coming week Mark is going to re-run the FLEX to try to get more responses and complete the SCALE worksheet so we can discuss validating a different segment or targeting different behaviors.

Mark is still looking for tools to help him get a macro view of what's on his plate to be able to better prioritize his time. He is reading "measure what matters" which speaks about the idea of using OKRs and is going to try that approach for his own business. Any tools or resources (especially tactical as mark is using a combination of task trackers like Trello) that S2V might be able to provide to help Mark organize his thoughts and prioritize his time would be super beneficial.