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Status Update:

Jess & Jina are super excited to get moving on the FLEX program! Their focus will be on validating an early adopter segment. Though the business connects two markets (businesses and prospective employees), we agreed that the riskiest assumption is on the business side as J&J will almost certainly be able to attract prospective employees if they can first attract businesses to the platform. J&J mentioned that they're having a hard time focusing their efforts as their solution can solve a variety of needs. We were able to start by defining the problem (employers are concerned about losing employees) and then narrowing the customer segment through discussion about who the most aware customers were in J&J's experience (women-led businesses). Through this we created their first hypothesis to test: "If we contact 5 female leaders that we spoke with over the last year, 4 will confirm they are concern about their women leaders opting out."

J&J were assigned the "finding your early adopters", "customer discovery", and "SCALE" (prioritizing customer segments) videos to assist in running their first flex.