Oculi Data

Status Update:

Terry set up her first FLEX to focus on a Validate stage risk. She’s working to understand the primary issue(s) experienced by healthcare providers as they relate to nurse-patient relations. In order to do this, she is going to set up 5 interviews with executives at different healthcare companies.

On a larger-scale, Terry’s issue is that she believes she needs 50 customers who are using her database before she can charge a single customer (full-price). This notion is driven by her proposed value proposition of providing comparative benchmarked data to her customers.

Although logical, this approach could take years to validate. As a result, we’ve encouraged Terry to seek-out the smallest unit of value, meaning; what is the simplest offering that she could provide these prospects which would be valuable enough for them to pay full-price for. More specifically, what solution will allow her to complete the goal previously mentioned AND enable her to achieve her “long-term” goal (comparative and benchmarked database) simultaneously.

She's got a great plan and doesn't appear to need specific help with this FLEX.