Status Update:

Mark changed a variable in his product (smaller, MVP of exercise program: pdf instead of in-person) that caused him to feel his flex was not particularly valid. We talked about branching options of the FLEX and the risk of diverging before finishing a particular FLEX stream (too much diverging and you're doing a lot of work without validating anything). Ultimately we concluded that the changed variable didn't invalidate his FLEX so he's going to re-run the FLEX this last week.

Mark used the OKR process to provide more clarity around his priorities and understands the value of the FLEX framework (we talked through how it can be applied to many other parts of his business) but he still struggles with prioritization & execution (too much iteration, not enough driving results). Mark asked about a future state in which testing "ends". We talked about the various stages of testing (validate, test, grow) and how testing evolves but never really ends. The concept definitely resonates and the hope is that Mark continues to institute the FLEX structure to provide clarity to help sort through his high volume/ambiguous "to-do" list.