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Status Update:

Jess & Jina were able to interview more of their hypothesized customer than they thought they would be able to which is great! None of them stated the hypothesized problem but they had valuable learnings along the way. J&J came to the meeting prepared with results and potential next steps and we talked through the need to clearly define both the customer (what does "progressive companies" mean?) and problem (they may want a cross-training program, but WHY? what is the problem that is driving that want?). J&J are having difficulty synthesizing the vastly different feedback/information they are getting into specific FLEX experiments. As we got close to one, they started to hypothesize on an entirely different customer. I reiterated the importance of continuing to pick one and test as a way to sift through all of that information. J&J are going to revisit their scale and come up with their next customer/problem validation hypothesis before the end of today.

J&J could use help defining their market & potential customer segments as well as coming up with tactics to find & interview potential customers they don't already know.