Corral Technologies

Status Update:

Jack completed a validation FLEX last week and was able to get 3 of 6 customers to state something similar to the problem statement, however, as we talked we came to a mutual understanding of the need to be more targeted in his customer description to really get to his early adopters. In his first flex his customer was just stated as "ranchers". As we talked it became clear that the ranchers who are interested in his solution are ones who are in the regenerative ag space and care about land management. We talked through the value of being 100% sure about his early adopters (not just from his perspective but the perspective of potential investors) and Jack agreed that it would be valuable to re-run the validation flex and specifically target those farmers in the regen space (he's able to target by looking at their websites) to try to get 4/5 to state the problem.

Despite some initial hesitation Jack came around on the value of another validation FLEX and seemed eager to complete it. Jack's eagerness will bode will for him when it comes time to start testing his solution by trying to sell.