Status Update:

Ben and I discussed how their latest FLEX is going (manufacturing artificial scarcity on their booking calendar) and the value of extending the experiment out another week. We also discussed alternatives like just reducing hours (ie, closing from 8 PM to 5 AM) and they may run that experiment next or in some of their locations parallel. Finally, we discussed other ways to address one of the driving pain points here — too much of their time being spent on cleanings themselves. I encouraged him to run the numbers and investigate various options for hiring that out, perhaps experimenting with doing that at 3 of their 6 locations for example. He expressed doubt that this would be an expense they'd be willing to make (estimating it'd cost them $60/day), but when reframed as an investment, he indicated he'd think on it a bit more.

As far as things S2V can do to support, I'd say NFC is clearly capable and driven, they may just need some extra encouragement now and then to not be afraid to run a quick/cheap experiment to find that path to scalability.