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Status Update:

After some long, hard weeks of validation work Gina & Jess had a breakthrough! They narrowed their validation work to focus on customers having a problem with their internal talent development pipeline and were able to get 5/6 to state that problem in their own words. They reasons behind the problem still vary (main two seem to be COVID & M&A activity) but they have seemed to really touch on something as they already have 3 new proposals out as a result of the work they did last week. The next step is for G&J to test the assumption that their target customers will pay for the solution as evidenced by signing up for their pilot program. I've assigned them the videos from the Test stage with specific direction to watch the "Solutions Testing" video.

G&J have the most clarity I've seen since they started the program. Past meetings have been filled with indecisiveness and "what ifs" but they both exhibited a lot of confidence and direction today. They're really understanding the value of the FLEX program and seeing and feeling the results.