Job Share Connect

Status Update:

Jess & Jina were unable to meet today as they were working on an important deadline. It looks like they have interest in 3/3 meetings that have occurred and they are working on another 4+. Their email update about their progress on selling is as follows:

Key Takeaways: This week we had two meetings one with Access Bank (~100 employees) and one with UP. Both were interested in straight job sharing as a way to recruit and retain talent. It re-emphasized the need for our platform to include both a white label version and public version as needs vary based on organization and not necessarily size.
Nelnet – We have been connected with the head of HR (via the CEO), and are awaiting that meeting to be set up
Olsson – Follow-up meeting set for Wednesday (4/7)
Arbor Bank – had to reschedule for Tuesday (4/6)
Access Bank – Introductory meeting (4/31), was most interested in straight job sharing over talent pipeline building. Wanted to discuss internally and have a follow-up scheduled for Wednesday, (4/21)
UP – had introductory meeting (4/31), thinks there is an opportunity for straight job sharing to support a pilot program effort in Houston, we are getting more information about the pilot program effort to determine next steps. She was not interested in a white labeled solution at this time, but wants a way to diversify talent and specifically gain more women into Operator roles.
Amobee – having internal conversations (going well) meeting with head of HR and going to follow-up with next steps
CQuence – sent initial email, have not heard back, will follow-up next week