Sub Guru

Status Update:

Sarah and Andra talked to 5 studios this past week and received the same feedback: studios are busy ramping back up and hiring and therefore are not worried about being able to find subs. One studio said it was a problem in the past and might be a problem again in the future but they don't know where or when. Another studio said they're operating at the max capacity allowed by the state (Texas) and subbing isn't an issue because teachers are eager from work and are now working from home so their schedules are much more flexible. Based on that feedback Sarah & Andra are going to continue to try to target geographical locations where the state is allowing higher capacity. S&A also indicated they have a waitlist of about 9 companies who said they're interested but not right now so they may revisit that list to do some validation work but probably not for another few weeks.

It's been a frustrating process for Sarah & Andra as they seemed to have a really good problem validation pre-pandemic but are struggling to get the validation in an industry that was just completely shutdown. That said, they are learning a lot through this process.