Rapidly reach Product-Market Fit using FLEX – Fluent’s proven framework for Lean Startup experiments

Free FLEX Resources

Design tiny, fast experiments to test and validate those assumptions.

You don’t have time to run a multi-factor experiment that takes weeks or months to validate. Use the FLEX Planner to build a tiny, fast experiment around your riskiest assumption and move faster on the things that matter right now.

Below you can access these resources:

  • Video: Why tiny, fast experiments help you build a business model
  • Video: How to create a FLEX experiment
  • Download: FLEX Planner

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Why We Run Tiny, Fast Experiments


The FLEX framework has three goals:

  1. To help you focus
  2. To help you move fast
  3. To help you learn from your customers.

The FLEX Planner helps you with all three.

How to use Fluent’s  FLEX Planner


Use the FLEX Planner to design a Lean Experiment:

  1. Identify what stage of development to focus on – your Fluency Score recommendations point to the Expected Focus area
  2. Isolate the riskiest assumption in your business model for that stage. 
  3. Develop a tiny, fast experiment to test that assumption in the market with customers.

Download a printable copy of the FLEX Planner