Fluent Lean Experiment Platform

Rapidly reach Product-Market Fit using FLEX –  Fluent’s proven framework for Lean Startup experiments


Use a data-driven approach to measure and discover the riskiest assumption in your business model


Work through a proven, efficient system to test and validate those assumptions using Lean startup, design thinking, and agile


Get targeted expert support at each step to stay focused, make fast progress, and reach your goals


“This program is like a unicorn.”

– Investors in Geyser Systems (Fluent alum)

“Fluency Scores give us the valuable information we need to win grants, onboard more entrepreneurs, and move our ecosystem forward.”

– Debbie Irwin, Staunton Creative Community Fund

“The Fluent team has exceeded our expectations. Their effective content and easy plug-and-play systems for founders are PHENOMENAL.

In essence, our staff has doubled!”

– Laurie Watje, UNI JPEC

“Adding Fluency Scores as a part of our multi step review process gave our team confidence that we were making the best decisions on behalf of our fund and the companies.”

– Kellie Clark, Innovation Depot

“We raised $1M after graduating from a Fluent-powered program, after spending five years trying to grow our startup with help from other accelerators.”

– Founder, Mixtroz (Fluent alum)

“Fluency Scores helped us identify areas where companies needed the most help and allowed us to measure the impact of our accelerator program.”

– Kirk Burton, CO.LAB

“Fluent taught us the skills we needed to do the ‘hows’ of starting up a company. We took those skills and went from $0 revenue to more than $100K in contracts while in the program.

Truly a game-changer.”

– Founder, Zentainer (Fluent alum)

“The FLEX Acceleration program has helped our entrepreneurs harness their full potential.

One of our entrepreneurs even closed $160,000 worth of contracts in just two weeks of FLEX experiments.”

– Debbie Irwin, Staunton Creative Community Fund

“By leveraging Fluency Scores across Virginia’s network of startup accelerators and other entrepreneurial support organizations, we are better positioned to measure the impact of these programs over time.”

– Sean Mallon, CIT

“I knew I was supposed to be building a growth machine, but didn’t actually know how until Fluent.”

– Founder, Smart Alto (YC alum, Fluent alum)

“The Fluency Score helped us make smart, informed decisions about how to deploy $350K in investments this year alone.”

– Devon Laney, Velocity Accelerator

“The training yesterday was GREAT! Everyone really enjoyed the interactive portion and it allowed, in a fun way, solid reinforcement of the concept. 

If we could get her back for AGILE training, I’d sign my entire team (and several other staff) up immediately.”

– LLCHD workshop attendee

“Better returns for investors and equity in the way captial is deployed both become a reality with this technology.”

– Sara Batterby, Equity Capital Collective

“The Fluency Score, as a data tool, makes it obvious how to hit the ground running with founders in your program on day one.”

– Laura Shibut, Lighthouse Labs