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Finding Your Why (5:37)

Finding your “why” is incredibly important for early-stage startups for a couple reasons. First and foremost, if you understand your why, and ultimately your purpose for pursuing this venture, it helps keep you grounded and oriented around that purpose as your company starts to scale. Essentially, you are less likely to deviate if you truly understand why you're doing what you're doing.

Additionally, when you can articulate your why you are able to inspire and motivate other people to join your venture. Your why is a compelling message as you reach out to team members, partners, or even investors.

We would like for you to watch a quick video that really drives home what this is all about:

Video link.

The core message of this video is this: Augmenting your “what” with your “why” makes it so much more impactful and truly gives purpose and intentionality to what you are doing.

Take a minute right now to think about your why. It could be your personal why. Or the why behind the venture that you are pursuing. But probably it is where those two things overlap!

Let’s put it another way. Whatever you are pursuing, why is that important to you personally? The answer you give is why you are pursuing this venture, right?

So this venture is the vehicle to accomplish your “why.”