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How to Prepare for Your Weekly FLEX Coaching Sessions (2:45)

The work we do at Fluent is hyper focused on making improvements to your business model. The best way for us to do that is to use the FLEX Planner. The FLEX Planner gives you the ability to jot down what you are working on, why you are working on it, and how we can help you hit your goal. Additionally, the FLEX Planner is a great tool for helping you make progress week over week.

The best way that you can come to the first meeting ready to get the most out of the time that we spend together is by filling out the first four boxes of the FLEX: The Founder Roadmap stage and focus, your riskiest assumption, your hypothesis for the week, and the action steps to complete that hypothesis. If you can take some time and give meaningful thought to those four components you will be in a really good spot to have a great first meeting.

After you have run a FLEX, you will be able to fill out the last three boxes: the results, what is working about how we are learning, and what is working about the results. Those three boxes are going to be key in helping us craft the next FLEX.

Each coaching session we will discuss the results of the previous week's FLEX, as well as those first four components of the new FLEX for the upcoming week.

Before we move on, we want to acknowledge that FLEX planning can be challenging. It is hard work to go out week over week and test your riskiest assumption to find out if you are right or wrong about the trajectory of your business.

Additionally, we do not expect you to be experts at this on Day One. We are here to help you work through some of the challenges. Know that it may take you a few tries until you get the hang of it. And that's totally okay. Our only ask is that you give intentional thought each week to the FLEX that you want to run, why you want to run it, and how we can help you accomplish that goal. If you do these things, then we will certainly have a great coaching relationship and make a ton of progress.