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Intro to the Founder Roadmap (2:24)

One of our primary tools for helping you visualize the path is the Fluent Founder Roadmap. Let’s dive into how to use the Founder Roadmap to make decisions.

There are three stages of the Roadmap: Validate, Test, and Grow. Moving through these stages, you are asking: “Will customers pay me to solve this problem, and then, ultimately, what's the repeatable, scalable way to build this business?”

The Founder Roamap is technically a straight line. You are going to move from Validate to Test to Grow. Someday when your business is super successful, you are going to be able to look back and tell the story of how you moved through these stages. From that perspective it might feel like a straight line.

But the problem is that in real life, building your startup is actually going to feel more like a wild scribble.

You have probably already experienced what it feels like to be on this wild path. You might validate the idea, then test the solution … but then have to return to validating the idea. There is a dance happening as you move through these different stages. It is definitely not a straight line, even though, eventually, you will be able to draw a straight line that shows how each of the things that you learned built up through the three stages.

Because the process is messy, it can be confusing to be in the middle of it, not feeling exactly sure what to do next.

Answering exactly what to do next is the job of the Roadmap, and it is a huge part of the work we will be doing with you. We will be using the Roadmap to help zero in on which assumptions you have been able to de-risk with customers, and where you can focus next.