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Navigating Uncertainty (1:58)

When building a business, there are so many unknowns and so many moving pieces, it can feel like being in a jungle. There is so much to do, but the path forward is not clear.

Mentors can be extremely helpful. You should leverage them as resources. But Fluent would like to challenge you to remember that it is YOUR job to be able to picture the path forward and to visualize the way through. Do not just follow one piece of advice and then rely on the promise of more help to build the next piece when the time comes.

We do not want your journey as a startup founder to feel like you are hacking away at a jungle, to feel like any direction or directions might be equally good. Do not blindly push forward and do as much as you possibly can to make something happen. You cannot 10x your effort, so you have to be strategic and plan a clear path.

We will help you know how to make the strategic decisions that will get you where you want to go. You will create signposts. You will know what is coming next. You will be able to see when you need to fall back. And you will be able to make very strategic decisions without needing to rely on other people for the “answers”.

The goal is to reach a place where you feel extremely confident about exactly how you are going to be successful.