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The Four Skills of a Serial Entrepreneur (3:09)

We at Fluent very strongly feel that the common statistic that nine out of 10 companies will fail is based on systems and programs that were complacent, doing the same things that created that failure rate and not improving founder coaching to try to change it.

We do not think you have to be lucky to be successful. We think you can have a process that solves for the really risky, unknown parts of your business in exactly the same way that a serial entrepreneur would.

Our goal is to prepare you for that.

What do we actually mean by a serial entrepreneur? When you've gone through the process of building a startup (not just a business) multiple times, you start to have a sense for how to do it and how to navigate the process of finding out the answers to all of the unknowns.

Our goal at Fluent is give you the tools, resources, and the support to build your startup just like a successful serial entrepreneur would. We can help even an early-stage first-time founder look into the future and anticipate the mistakes and the land mines and the challenges that they might face.

There are four skills to keep top of mind to help you in this journey.

The first we have already touched on: Your job during this program is going to be to work on the business model, not the business. The more time and effort you put into figuring out what the model is for your business, the more successful you will be in the long run.

Secondly, everything you do should be focused on identifying the assumptions that you have about your business model.

Third, you must balance focus with moving fast to learn what you need to know.

The fourth skill is learning how to test and validate the riskiest assumptions in your business model. In short iterations, we will coach you to run tiny fast experiments. What is the fastest and the smallest thing you can do to learn what you need to learn about your business model?