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The “How” of 10x Growth (3:56)

We frequently get asked: How is Fluent different? There are a lot of resources out there for entrepreneurs and founders that tell them what to do. For example, a lot of founders and entrepreneurs know they need to be talking to customers, and that they need to be running experiments. And they know they need to be focused on growth. They know in broad strokes what to do. But where other programs and resources fall flat is teaching them how to do those pieces and then how to apply them to design their business model.

How do you actually go out and talk to customers? How do you run experiments effectively to know whether you are going in the right direction? Or not? How do you focus on growth and run the experiments you need to to see progress in your business?

That is how Fluent differentiates itself. We don't just tell you what to do, we teach you how to do it. And more than that, we teach you how to do it effectively.

We love the analogy that founders and entrepreneurs are very similar to high-performance athletes who need coaches. If this were easy to do on your own, you would have already done it. We are those coaches for you.

There's likely going to be a healthy tension between us. And that's okay. Our job is to push you to work on the things that are hard. Those hard things are important because they will ultimately make you better. Every element of this program is designed to do just that, make you and your business better.

At a high level, there are four pieces that we are going to be working on together to help move you in the right direction.

First and foremost, we want to help you develop a methodical approach that keeps you moving in the right direction. We want to take luck completely out of your journey. The ultimate goal is for you to develop a repeatable process for finding the right path.

We focus obsessively on experimenting because it is the only way that you can get the data that you need to decide which direction you should go. We help you take gut feeling out of your decision making and really focus on what the numbers tell you.

Next, we want you to focus on the riskiest part of your business model. The riskiest part of your business model is probably not going to be the part of your business that you want to examine deeply, because answering these questions is not only challenging, it can be scary to dig around in the questions that might require you to change course. However, the sooner you can get those answers, the sooner you can start moving in the right direction.

Last, but certainly not least, we are so customer obsessed that we believe only your customers have the answers. There are going to be moments where you are going to want us to just tell you what to do. But we don’t/won’t know the answers because we are not your customers. We do know how to help you learn from the folks who do know: customers.

So what does success look like post-program? Your job in the program is not just to sell 10 more widgets or get 1,000 more customers. Making sales is great, but you have to zero in on and create repeatable processes that not only result in sales but are also scalable. To do that, you must develop technical skills and mindset skills. We can help!

Let's continue our elite athlete metaphor. Elite athletes need to have the physical capabilities to get the job done. That means they need to be strong, fast, and coordinated to do all of the things that they do. But they also need to have the mindset to picture how winning happens. They have a mental plan for how to win the game. They need to have a picture in their mind for the steps that need to happen to accomplish that goal.

Similarly, you need to have the skills to know how to build your venture and the strength to be able to get the job done. But also, you and your team need to be able to visualize what success looks like. When the journey gets tough, you can stay on your path and keep to the process because you know it is all part of the journey that you have already visualized.