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The Three Pillars of the Fluent Methodology (2:16)

The Fluent methodology consists of three parts:

First, we help you stay laser-focused on identifying and testing the riskiest assumptions in your business model. In order to do this, you have to be able to actually figure out what those risky assumptions are. For that, we have a tool called The Fluent Founder Roadmap that lays out the three phases of building a startup business model: validate, test, and grow. The questions in these stages are dependent on each other. You need to resolve what is in the Validate stage before tackling the questions and the assumptions in the Test stage, and so on.

Second, we help you design tiny, fast experiments to test and validate the assumptions you have around those questions. For this, we use a tool called the FLEX Planner. (FLEX stands for Fluent Lean Experiment.) More on that later in the orientation.

Third, we wrap all of this around our 10x go-to-market strategy and financial model resources. These allow you to understand the levers for growth, which are really just assumptions that you can test and experiment with in the future. Our tools will help you build a financial model that tells the quantitative story that matches your in-depth go-to-market strategy. You will also have access to tools that offer ways to visualize and track your growth metrics so that you can understand and optimize the levers for growth as you start to scale.