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Two Ways to Win (1:29)

Good news! There are two ways to come out of this program with a “win.” To be more specific, there are two outcomes that we would deem to be a success post-program.

The first sort of success comes when you rapidly test and prove a viable business model. This is the path that most entrepreneurs want to take and want to see be the outcome post-program. And truly, that is what our goal is, as well.

Alternatively, another way to win is to effectively discover that your business model will not work. While this is not the outcome most entrepreneurs want to see, it truly is still a useful result. If shutting down your business and focusing elsewhere is the outcome post program for you, we would encourage you to look at this as a positive thing.

It is incredibly useful if this program can help expedite the time that it takes you to learn what you need to to make a move, whether that move be in the direction of pursuing the venture or not pursuing the venture. The time and money that you are saving in not pursuing this venture can be spent on something else that will be more fruitful.

Either way, you are going to develop the skills and mental frameworks of a serial entrepreneur. This expertise will help you succeed in any endeavor that you pursue. So, ultimately, you will come out better by the end of this program, even if this business is not the one that you choose to pursue.