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Visualizing the Path to Success (3:17)

Once you complete the Grow stage, you will be able to tell the story of how your startup went from not knowing the answers to those first questions around the problem, the solution, the customers etc. Instead, you will be able to tell a really cohesive, efficient story about how your business model works. Additionally, you will have a clear picture for how your business can potentially grow with outside capital or whatever process you plan on taking for growth.

The three stages of the Founder Roadmap are not the end of your journey. Once you get to the “end” of the Growth stage, you are obviously not done building your business. There will still be new challenges to face and new problems to solve.

However, the idea is that with the three stages of the Founder Roadmap, we can start to give you a picture for what it is going to take to get to the your goal and that the path to getting there is much more clear and definable than the startup world tends to describe it.

We can actually picture what it is going to take to get you to that goal and help you build the skills and learn the things that you need to about your business so that you can have success.

To review, your goal of this program is to build and hone a business model, not a business. You do that with your customers. And you work use tiny, fast iterations to move fast and stay focused while learning.