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Why We Hate Pitching… Until We Don’t (2:10)

During this program, there is one skill that we are NOT going to focus on: pitching. That is, telling the perfect polished narrative of your business.

This skill is super important for founders to practice and master. And we actually have an entire course we offer on crafting the right pitch for different audiences and preparing for strategic fundraising.

However, during this program we want you to stay super focused, not on the story you could tell about your business, but on what it could actually become. We want you to be able to embrace the messy chaotic nature of this business model design process, without feeling pressure to know the right answer immediately. We also want to help you stay focused on doing the work necessary to learn from your customers and run those tiny, fast experiments. And maybe most importantly, we want you to be able to stay curious and honest with yourself and with us about what you find, almost without fail.

The business model you create from what you learn in this process will look different than what you currently expect. But human brains are storytelling machines. The pitch or story you tell about how your business works, or could work, is powerful. And it is easy to get attached to that narrative. Instead, we want you to be able to stay nimble and detach from your assumptions until you have validated them in your experiments. Ultimately, this is going to feel better. It can be liberating to realize you do not need to know all of the answers right now, and that we do not expect you to be right right now.

We recommend pausing any work you might be doing around pitch development until you can answer the questions in the growth stage of the Founder Roadmap. At that point, your business model is in a strong position for repeatable, scalable growth. And you will have a powerful and true story to tell.