Status Update:

Sean completed ALL of the action items from his last FLEX including completing the results section of his FLEX prior to our meeting. It is one of the best initial FLEX efforts I've seen. Sean's notes were detailed and informative and led to a really productive session.

Sean reached out to 6 business owners or COOs who were his stated potential early adopters and all of them responded and agreed to an interview. Nearly all of them appeared to state the question, HOWEVER, upon review of the questions Sean asked during the interviews it became apparent that the questions were too leading and eventually ended with him pitching during discovery. Sean was very self-aware of this and actually brought it to our attention prior to kicking off the meeting which is GREAT and bodes very well for his success in the next FLEX. Sean is going to re-perform the same FLEX (same assumption & hypothesis) with 6 different potential early adopters with a focus on asking more general problem seeking questions (we brainstormed a few during the meeting and he's going to re-watch the Customer Discovery videos prior to the interviews to ensure he comes up with a few more questions/techniques) to try to get the customer to state the problem on their own volition and in their own words.