Status Update:

AK set up his first FLEX to focus on a Validate stage risk. This week he’ll be interviewing 6-10 “verified” retailers (ie, those they’ve identified as selling CBD and relatively knowledgeable about the product) to listen for how they describe their problem. He hypothesizes that he’ll hear them say they aren’t selling enough. While they have quite a bit of traction with their sales, a better understanding of their customer and the problem as they experience it will help them unlock future growth.

He’s got a solid plan and seems to be motivated to tackle it. That said, they’ve got a lot of irons on the fire and he may need some accountability in focusing in and prioritizing this work. Additionally, with their success in selling thus far, they might also be especially prone to slip into “pitch mode” when doing customer discovery. We’re looking forward to seeing how he’s approached this when we meet next Tuesday.