Status Update:

Mark had previously created a flex experiment to test the assumption that new product framing/branding around the product being a new & engaging workout (with a related workout program) would create more interest in the super fitness minded segment that is buy for themselves. He received two responses, one of which said it would be more engaging if the workout program was free. Last week Mark created a test to see if making the new workout program free would increase interest but before he could test that assumption someone paid for the product AND the program which was contradictory to his previous assumption. The buyer was a father of four who was looking for a new fitness tool & program to engage with his kids. Mark was given two options 1) go back to the validate stage with this new potential customer segment: or 2) re-test his previous assumption about gaining more interest with the product & the related workout program (since he only got 2 responses). Mark opted to stick with the existing customer segment and re-test with a higher n of interviews. Mark aims to get 6 interviews this week with at least 3 expressing strong interest (buy or willingness to buy) with the new workout program attached.

Despite only getting 2 responses during his previous test of this assumption, Mark indicated he shouldn't have a problem getting more because he'll be able to draw on a list of people who came to parkour meetups that he ran.

Mark noted multiple times how excited he is to go out and interview more potential customers and how this was a big change to his mindset before the program. It's awesome to see Mark so "pumped" (in his words) by what he's learning from talking to people.