Status Update:

Sean had great results from his previous flex, 63% stated the problem that they believed their data wasn't as secure as it should be (target was 60%) and all companies who stated the problem requested quotes for two of Sean's services. As such, it's time for Sean to move into the Test stage where he will test whether or not his solution solves their problem and are willing to buy. Sean will be going back to the 5 companies who asked for quotes and is confident that 4/5 will purchase at lease one of his services in the standard range in which he prices those services (part of this testing phase is determining if the pricing is right). I assigned the pricing rules of thumb video as Sean mentioned he's still talking to his accountant about how to price some of his services.

Overall Sean learned a lot about performing problem validation and took a much more informal approach with this set of companies which led to some really solid results. Sean continues to maintain a high level of self-awareness and expressed gratitude for the flex process.