Status Update:

Mark emailed prior to the meeting to let us know that he was unable to complete the tasks related to his Test Flex from the prior week. Mark understands the value of the FLEX program and is super excited to do the interviews but is buried under a tsunami of day to day tasks. During our meeting we re-iterated the importance of the skills he's building with the FLEX program, how they can be used in all other aspects of his business, and how it's a limited window of time for him to utilized the resources to develop the skill set. We also talked about the importance of returning to the mountaintop to get a macro-level view of what's important when you find yourself buried in the brush & trees no longer knowing what direction you're even headed. I assigned the "Scrum for Happy Teams Part 1" Video (and corresponding PDF) and asked that Mark use the remaining time of our meeting to watch and think about prioritization from the highest, macro-level possible in order to regain a sense of direction. The ultimate goal would be to use this coming week to complete his FLEX from last week but I also told him to reach out to me after he performs a prioritization exercise if he believes that is not realistic.

Mark could use advice on prioritization frameworks & exercises from S2V/mentors/other to determine what might work best for him as he continues working through an extremely high volume of tasks over the next few months.