Status Update:

From last week's FLEX, Dustyn was able to reach 19 of 29 buyers, with 5 scheduling meetings. Of those 5 meetings, he's had 3, and all 3 have given/will give him lists of suppliers. This indicates that he's successful at getting what he needs from the buyer once he gets a meeting. Accordingly, this week he'll be following-up with the 14/19 buyers he hasn't heard back from to press for a meeting, as well as having the remaining 2 meetings already scheduled and reaching out to the suppliers on the lists he has so far to probe for interest in being part of the pilot. We discussed that there's lots of moving pieces here and the trick is to figure out how they all fit together. He's dedicated to the work and is actively developing a systematic approach to this outreach — I'm confident that next week we'll have plenty of insights to discuss from these follow-ups.