Iron Sun

Status Update:

Natalie was on the road but I was able to share her Fluency score and talk her through how the FLEX program is designed to help her move through and progress in the areas in which her score points to as areas of focus. As Natalie had a very high Validation score we recommended she move directly into the "test" phase of the FLEX program. Natalie agreed and stated her main two goals are to increase traction and figure out pricing.

We spoke about her different pricing models, the state of her points system (hard to accurately anticipate the effort required for some tasks), and what she feels comfortable selling and ultimately landed on testing selling a pilot program to working mothers. Natalie indicated she only has bandwidth for 1 or 2 more customers so we talked through the value of benefits of a waitlist as well as some options for a paid waitlist (with deposit). Natalie also mentioned potentially expanding her early adopter segment and we talked through how that process would require re-validation. For now Natalie seems focused on the current Test flex.

Natalie has been assigned Test flex videos (solutions testing, pre-selling, MVP, pricing rules of thumb) and based on our discussions I'm also going to assign the SCALE video (customer segment prioritization). Natalie could use help thinking through her pricing model (points vs. subscription) and the ability to generate task requests from existing customers (does she need some task/product bundles? a way to create custom quotes for complex tasks?)