Sub Guru

Status Update:

Andra and Sarah ran a really great first FLEX! They were able to get 4 interviews (from 15 instagram messages) and learned quite a lot. Not only did non of them state the problem, they said it used to be a problem for them before the pandemic but now that there are fewer classes it's actually not a problem anymore (but might be when the ramp back up). Andra and Sarah had heard some other feedback that larger studios who didn't have this problem before might actually be having the problem now so they've re-geared their test to target larger studios and are very excited to run it. As their customer segment is changing I've assigned the SCALE video which helps categorize and prioritize different customer segments.

A&S are very engaged and completed the FLEX results with great detail. They've already learned a lot from the process and are excited to continue. So far responses have not been a major issue but they might need help brainstorming ways to get more customer validation interviews in the future.