Iron Sun

Status Update:

Natalie ran a test hoping to get 2 people to sign up for her companies services. She sent an email to 65 people on her mailing list. Although she got a 50% open rate and 19% click-through, none of them resulted in a sign up. HOWEVER, Natalie had an impromptu conversation with a friend over her meal and ended up pitching he product and her friend signed up the next day!!! We went back and forth on a couple of options but I encouraged Natalie to try to test FLEX again with the goal of getting a certain amount of conversational sales meetings (in-person or otherwise). Despite some hesitation and conversations about how to approach her network with a sales meeting, Natalie agreed that she would run the TEST FLEX again based on the conversational sales meetings instead of email.

Natalie's passion for her company shines through in conversations. Although she recognizes that, she certainly has some hesitation about getting out there and selling herself (she asked a few times if she could create and send a video or some other way). She recognizes that pushing outside her comfort zone is important (and even said she's good at it) and I think this will be good practice for her. I assigned some videos on pitching to help her nail down her elevator pitch. Any other advice/encouragement Launch LNK could provide to Natalie on the topic would definitely help her break through that mental comfort zone barrier.