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Status Update:

Jess & Jina ran a validate FLEX and were able to interview 7 business owners which is more than they planned! That said, they are still hearing a lot of disparate information in terms of problems/concerns that the owners are having with the business. We spent a good amount time trying to translate what they heard into the interviews into a new assumption to test but were unable to settle on a new test before the end of the meeting. Jess & Jina are going to review together and submit a new flex by the end of the day.

The biggest challenge for J&J continues to be gathering and synthesizing information from the customer into specific problem statements to test. One of the hardest parts of the FLEX program is to re-train the mind to hunt for problem statements and not problem-adjacent statements. J&J detailed a lot of "concerns" from the last round of meetings so we spend time talking through how the concerns aren't actually the problem and talking about how to continue to delve deeper to get to the "root" of the concern.