Sub Guru

Status Update:

Andra & Sarah were able to talk to 2 large studios, neither of which stated their problem assumption (both are concerned with gov guidelines & hiring instructors right now). They have 1 more meeting booked and are attempting to get in front of more large studios to validate. We talked about re-validating their previous customer segment now that the pandemic is ending (smaller studios) but indications are that both large and small studios are in the same place where it's just not on their radar yet. We also talked about targeting studios in physical locations that are closer to being fully re-opened and they are going to try that this week.

During our conversation the topic of limitations due to API integrations arose. It turns out that there's existing demand from the market for their solution that they can't fill due to API integration limitations. I asked them to quantify that demand for me so we could talk through it. Any advice that Launch LNK could give on how to reduce the cost or time required for API integrations could be very helpful to Andra & Sarah.