Iron Sun

Status Update:

Natalie was able to have her final sales meeting and although the customer expressed interest she did not buy which means only 1/3 bought (as compared to the 2/3 from the flex goal). We talked about next steps, either changing an assumption in the test flex or going back to the scale exercise to validate a new customer segment. Natalie will take that action item on her own as this is the last meeting. The GTM exercise helped motivate her to sell as she has an idea of how many clients it'll take to hit her goals (a lot more than she has now!). Sales motivation is one of the biggest hurdles for Natalie to overcome so it was good to see her motivated to try to sell as the FLEX program winds down.

I did assign the validate videos and builder in case Natalie wants to validate a different customer segment (Natalie has been in the test phase during this program as her Validate score was very high in her initial Fluency score)